electronic tool setter, tool touch off process

28 May 2021 17:03 #210540 by ikkuh
I was a user of gmoccapy for many years. I switched to QTDragon last week, I wanted something modern. Norbert made a great gui and it functions quite well. Thanks and kudos to him for all the time and effort he spend on gmoccapy.

One of the things I liked very much in gmoccapy was the remapping of the toolchange routine. I have a 3d probe (from topcom.cz ) and static toolsetter mounted to the spoilboard and even an optical touchplate to measure the height of the workpiece. The toolsetter is stationary and through some G53 command the spindle moves in case of a toolchange to a position to exchange the bit, then after confirmation the spindle moves above the static toolsetter and there the offset is measured and calculated into g54 coordinates in such a way that the z0 pos is precisly above the workpiece.
All probes are connected through an OR2 component to the probe-in port.

gmoccapys way of toolchange
  1. Homing of machine
  2. setting blockheight to materialheight by hand. Toolsetter height is fixed in relation to the spoilboard surface.
  3. tool is reloaded from the last job, all internal nothing moves at this moment
  4. I load a program (my programs all have a toolchange in the beginning)
  5. when program executes and there is a M6 Tx command:
    1. macro is loaded which moves the spindle to a position where I can easily change the bit
    2. after an ok to a dialog box the spindle moves above the toolsetter
    3. macro is loaded which does all the probing for the toolsetter.
    4. z value is adjusted so that tip of toolbit is now the same as the surface of the workpiece (blockheight)

I hoped that QTDragon would function the same way, but I got never any further then a dialog box to change the bit. The used toolbit number changes in the gui and the program wants to continue. Nothing else in the way of measurement happens. I don't see how I can do measurements when the program doesn't stop for a trip to the toolsetter.
I have overall better results with the versaprobe then the basicprobe.

So I was very hopeful when I read this:

JohnnyCNC wrote: I'm working on a M6 remap in QTDragon with the goal of measuring variable length tools and using the offsets in the tool table for my repeatable length tools. I use a 3D probe for work touch-offs and a fixed position tool setter for measuring the tools.

I wonder how far you got? There is no remap command in qtdragon's in files.

LINUXCNC - 2.9.0-pre0-3989-gae7ce4edd through buildbot
Debian Buster

Here are some variables that are missing when I start QTDragon with versaprobe as the use_probe
ps_probevel = 1
ps_z_clearance = 2
ps_probe_max = 3
ps_probe_latch = 4
ps_probe_diam = 1.5
ps_xy_clearance = 0
ps_side_edge_length = 15
ps_probe_height = 61
ps_block_height = 10.6
ps_offs_x = 0
ps_offs_y = 0
ps_offs_z = 0
ps_offs_angle' in section: 'VERSA_PROBE_OPTIONS'

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28 May 2021 17:06 - 28 May 2021 18:01 #210541 by ikkuh

swalts wrote: tool setter...WORKS!!!, awesome probing routines...WORKS!!!, and now i can jog the machine without going back into AXIS gui.../quote]

Steve care to share your files?

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15 Jun 2021 11:27 #212114 by ikkuh

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