MESA 7I76 / 7i76e Model

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I have been doing many CNC machines... all using a parallel port to date. I just got the 6i25 / 7i76D Plug and Go combo... and i'm attempting to figure it all out so that I can present a detailed instruction video set on you YouTube channel.

I came up with the attached spreadsheet of how I believe the pins should be connected... figuring that since it was in a spreadsheet format, I could add a column to incorporate the actual assignment such as "Mist Coolant" or "Vacuum Table", etc.

Anyway... I'm looking at the way the pins are laid out... and then I run the MESAFLASH utility and I get the following...
Configuration pin-out:

IO Connections for P3
Pin#  I/O   Pri. func    Sec. func       Chan      Pin func        Pin Dir

 1      0   IOPort       StepGen          0        Dir/Table2      (Out)
14      1   IOPort       StepGen          0        Step/Table1     (Out)
 2      2   IOPort       StepGen          1        Dir/Table2      (Out)
15      3   IOPort       StepGen          1        Step/Table1     (Out)
 3      4   IOPort       StepGen          2        Dir/Table2      (Out)
16      5   IOPort       StepGen          2        Step/Table1     (Out)
 4      6   IOPort       StepGen          3        Dir/Table2      (Out)
17      7   IOPort       StepGen          3        Step/Table1     (Out)
 5      8   IOPort       StepGen          4        Dir/Table2      (Out)
 6      9   IOPort       StepGen          4        Step/Table1     (Out)
 7     10   IOPort       SSerial          0        TXData1         (Out)
 8     11   IOPort       SSerial          0        RXData1         (In)
 9     12   IOPort       SSerial          0        TXData2         (Out)
10     13   IOPort       SSerial          0        RXData2         (In)
11     14   IOPort       QCount           0        Quad-IDX        (In)
12     15   IOPort       QCount           0        Quad-B          (In)
13     16   IOPort       QCount           0        Quad-A          (In)

IO Connections for P2
Pin#  I/O   Pri. func    Sec. func       Chan      Pin func        Pin Dir

 1     17   IOPort       StepGen          5        Dir/Table2      (Out)
14     18   IOPort       StepGen          5        Step/Table1     (Out)
 2     19   IOPort       StepGen          6        Dir/Table2      (Out)
15     20   IOPort       StepGen          6        Step/Table1     (Out)
 3     21   IOPort       StepGen          7        Dir/Table2      (Out)
16     22   IOPort       StepGen          7        Step/Table1     (Out)
 4     23   IOPort       StepGen          8        Dir/Table2      (Out)
17     24   IOPort       StepGen          8        Step/Table1     (Out)
 5     25   IOPort       StepGen          9        Dir/Table2      (Out)
 6     26   IOPort       StepGen          9        Step/Table1     (Out)
 7     27   IOPort       SSerial          0        TXData3         (Out)
 8     28   IOPort       SSerial          0        RXData3         (In)
 9     29   IOPort       SSerial          0        TXData4         (Out)
10     30   IOPort       SSerial          0        RXData4         (In)
11     31   IOPort       QCount           1        Quad-IDX        (In)
12     32   IOPort       QCount           1        Quad-B          (In)
13     33   IOPort       QCount           1        Quad-A          (In)

And I'm just trying to wrap my head around how this printout aligns with the pins that I have outlined in the spreadsheet.

It looks like PIN-1 of TB-2 should be a step generator output... but my spreadsheet and the drawing at the author's page show PIN-1 as GROUND.

RE: (From Author)
RE: Attached spreadsheet (From me.)

I'm trying to determine how to puzzle them together before I just start connecting stuff. I'm also measuring for voltage between PIN-1 and PIN-6 which should be GND and 5VDC respectively... but getting nothing out. So it looks like the default jumper settings are NOT the ones for having the 6i25 power the board. :(

Once I get it figured out... I'm sure I'll ramp up quickly and be able to teach it well... but any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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19 Jun 2018 06:11 #112566 by robertspark
Replied by robertspark on topic MESA 7I76 / 7i76e Model
The manual is here with the complete pinout

I think i got it right and followed this manual
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26 Jun 2018 12:41 #112882 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic MESA 7I76D
There are three numbers for each pin.

The IO number, which IO pin of the FPGA it is. (what the software calls it)
The Pin number (which pin it is on the DB25 connector)
The 7i76 number, which terminal it is on the 7i76.

For all practical purposes you only need to worry about the 7i76 numbers. But you can use Mesaflash to check that the DB25 numbers correspond to the DB25 numbers that the 7i76 expects. (basically a firmware compatibility check)

The 7i76 GPIO pins are serially accessed, they _all_ connect to pins 7 and 8 on the DB25 (IO 10 & 11 for P3, 27 & 28 for P2)

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06 Jul 2018 15:13 - 06 Jul 2018 15:13 #113574 by Askjerry
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Just a follow-up... I got it figured out, and for anyone having issues with not seeing the TB-4, TB-5, TB-6 issues...
you NEED an external power supply (24vcd typical).


Thanks for the assistance! I think I have enough to go with for now.
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