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19 Mar 2016 16:59 #71903 by Dale Lusby
I'd like to setup my Mori Seiki with a touch screen during the current retrofit. I've searched and realize some touch screen monitors have issues with Debian. I was looking at some of the Dell touch screens and before I ordered one I wanted to see if anyone knows how I can tell if I'll be able to get it to work with LinuxCNC without too much trouble.
24 Mar 2016 01:00 - 24 Mar 2016 01:01 #72077 by Dale Lusby
I found my touch screen and wanted to post here in case it helps anyone in the future. I purchased a Planar model PT2245PW 22" widescreen touch screen. It is similar to the iPad in that the front of the panel is glass edge to edge. Should make mounting in the control panel a breeze. It looks like it was designed to be used in kiosks so hopefully is up to the task of shop use. I also am glad to say it was plug and play without even needing calibration. Looking forward to having this in the control panel.

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25 Mar 2016 15:29 #72136 by cncnoob1979

I like the looks of that touch screen. What distro are you using? Did you use wheezy the install ISO/Linuxcnc?

I'm looking at purchasing a Planar PXL2230MW. I'm hoping it will be plug and play as well. I do plan on installing Linux mint LMDE 2 so it should have the same support.
25 Mar 2016 16:17 #72139 by Dale Lusby
I did use the ISO install from burning the DVD so I do believe it is the wheezy one (a lot of this is newer to me so slowly learning the language - I'll admit I had to look up distro - thank goodness for Wikipedia). I plan on using gmoccapy for the touch screen gui.

I noticed in the manual of the monitor it mentioned Linux so my gamble paid off :) Might check there and see if it says same.

I've had some latency issues with the PC it's connected to so finding another to use. I ordered the Asrock H97 and Pentium G3258. Hope it gets some lower numbers.
25 Mar 2016 18:13 - 25 Mar 2016 18:14 #72148 by eFalegname
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25 Mar 2016 18:28 #72149 by Dale Lusby
Not sure what the 619 is referencing???
25 Mar 2016 23:50 #72164 by Dale Lusby
I just realized it was hyperlinked. Yes they aren't cheap however I got mine used for $150 in excellent shape.
28 Mar 2016 16:34 #72252 by eFalegname
I found this one on eBay from the USA
PLANAR PXL2230MW 22" USB Optical Touchscreen Monitor , but I think it's completely different than yours
05 Apr 2016 19:19 #72795 by eman5oh
I purchased a Dell S2240T with hopes of using it for my Bridgeport Boss5 retrofit and unfortunately, touch does not work at all with the 2.7.4 iso. It works with Ubuntu 14.4 or under Windows 10 but I could not get it function at all under linux cnc. Maybe in the future it will work but right now it is a no go, so I thought I would share this so others may be warned.
07 Apr 2016 13:22 #72911 by BigJohnT
I have had luck with ELO but it is on Ubuntu 10.04 and only certain types work. I can look up the part numbers if you need them.

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