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21 Apr 2016 23:29 #73703 by cncnoob1979
Planar PT1945R 19" LCD Touch screen

This touch screen works well with: Jessie, mint lmde 2, Mint 17.3, precise and wheezy. Its very bright and sensitivity is great.

I thought I would post the results. Its plug and play for these distros I have tested. The drawback is the single point touch.
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24 May 2016 15:45 #75046 by Lcvette
I am now shopping for a touch screen monitor for my retrofit and it is a bit overwhelming trying to figure out which ones will work and which ones to avoid. it appears the Planar you mentioned is a safe bet for Jessie which is what i was told will be used on my build. but i am not familiar enough with touch screens to know if single point touch is a bad thing or not? is there an example of what it would be limited in doing compared to ?multipoint touch?

Thanks in advance!

25 May 2016 21:22 #75084 by Muzzer
The Tormach touchscreen seems to be a Monoprice 17" 4x3 resistive touchscreen , from what I can see. Doesn't appear to be available in the UK but seems to work very nicely for John Saunders at NYC CNC judging by his videos.

My concerns about resistive were based on my frustrations using Windows CE / Windows Mobile on tablets and smart phones some years back. These required a stylus which was ridiculous and awkward. Appears that these proper monitors are much more finger friendly. I'd still love to hear a specific monitor or brand recommended on the basis of someone's experience.

26 May 2016 06:43 #75106 by Muzzer
As for multitouch, which Linux apps if any can make use of it? In my case I'm only thinking of LinuxCNC anyway - can it make use it?
26 May 2016 09:49 #75108 by cncbasher
i'm not aware of multitouch capability for any linuxcnc version ,
most up to date touch screen monitors will work , the standard ELO screens just work ,
iv'e used LG screens and Microtouch screens , for linuxcnc you only need single point as you only mimic pressing buttons .

it's pretty simple to add a monitor . but can have you jumping a few hoops , till you realise what to change
you'll find adding a touch screen is easier on install , than adding later .
serial types are better than USB ones , unless of course you get an approprate linux driver source
26 May 2016 09:52 #75109 by andypugh

cncbasher wrote: serial types are better than USB ones , unless of course you get an approprate linux driver source

I have used two USB ones, with only minor difficulties.
They both swap X and Y and invert X. This should be easy to fix using the touch-screen-calibrator, but in both cases actually required me to paste some stuff into an Xorg.conf file specially created for the job.
26 May 2016 10:10 #75110 by cncbasher
andy ,
i sometimes dig right into the multitouch driver , as a last resort , it always seems to be the USB ones that give problems , or at least need tweaks as you pointed out .
27 May 2016 11:34 #75147 by cncbasher
Dell have a habit of supporting Windows only , you need to install touchscreen drivers under linux
so check first before using dell
27 May 2016 11:44 #75148 by Lcvette
Yes I will go with an elo fit sure then... any particular models to stay away from? I saw that some worked better then others.


27 May 2016 12:03 #75149 by Muzzer
In the UK they seem to start around the £120 mark (Asus, Liyama) and are mostly USB from what I can see. ELO here seem to start at about £380. Sounds as if the Linux USB drivers may be a risk that can only be quantified when the time comes.
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