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07 Apr 2016 14:00 #72913 by eman5oh
I picked up a used planar PT2245PW off eBay, looks to be of the same family of the one Dale has and has linux drivers available. Hoping it works, I will report back once I receive it.
07 Apr 2016 22:03 #72932 by emcPT
I am using Asus VT207N with success.
It have a very good quality screen.
09 Apr 2016 14:22 #73000 by eman5oh
The PT2245PW is plug and play on the Weezy iso.
09 Apr 2016 14:28 #73002 by eFalegname

emcPT wrote: I am using Asus VT207N with success.
It have a very good quality screen.

and a very reasonable price under 300€...
12 Apr 2016 11:24 #73152 by jwsigler
I am starting on my retrofit and I am using an ACER T232HL touchscreen that I got at Staples for $311 USD with a 20% coupon. I had to go with Linux Mint LMDE2 to get both my network card and the touchscreen working, but since I plan on only doing this once I figured I would go with a newer version of Linux and not a version that is 6 years old like Ubuntu 10.04. The Touchscreen has a 1 inch black border and then a clear plastic base that is bolted on across the bottom to raise the screen off the desk giving it the look of being free hanging in the air. I am thinking about drilling holes in the clear plastic piece and mounting some of my panel switches and indicator lights in it. If I paint the back side black afterwards it should give it a good look and the paint would be scratch proof.
14 Apr 2016 02:29 - 14 Apr 2016 02:31 #73265 by cncnoob1979

Just bought Planar PT1945R 19" LCD Touchscreen. It's advertised to run with Linux. Also got it at a steal. 62$ shipped!!

Now it's advertised as fully functional. I guess I'll have to see. When deals are this good... ;)
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14 Apr 2016 19:44 #73322 by Muzzer
Is resistive OK? I thought capacitive would be better although my comparative experience is limited to smart phones. Does resistive require a stylus or finger nails?
14 Apr 2016 20:32 #73324 by cncnoob1979

What is a resistive touchscreen?

Resistive touchscreens work on the basis of pressure applied to the screen. A resistive screen consists of a number of layers. When the screen is pressed, the outer later is pushed onto the next layer — the technology senses that pressure is being applied and registers input. Resistive touchscreens are versatile as they can be operated with a finger, a fingernail, a stylus or any other object.

For the price I'm going to try and make it work for me. I would have preferred for a capacitive touchscreen.
15 Apr 2016 10:50 #73341 by andypugh

Muzzer wrote: Is resistive OK? I thought capacitive would be better

I have a resistive on my Mill and just fitted one to the lathe. I would have preferred capacitive just because the glass front it easier to clean. However the resistive ones work fine.
15 Apr 2016 12:24 #73344 by eman5oh
I have both a resistive and a capacitive, and will say while both work I prefer the capacitive one because it is glass. I also prefer having a flat glass one because when you have a monitor with raised bezels it is harder to select things at the edge of the monitor because the bezel gets in the way. My .002 is to look for one with a flat glass screen.
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