TCP 5-axis kinematics

21 Dec 2018 02:18 #122670 by grandixximo
Replied by grandixximo on topic TCP 5-axis kinematics
It's a shame that there is still no way to switch Kinematics anytime without having the machine jog, i hope to see it one day!
21 Dec 2018 16:02 #122708 by 3D-Master
Replied by 3D-Master on topic TCP 5-axis kinematics
well it kinda is a drawback because i wanted to write a Kinematics calibration program where i touch off a precision ball, then with TCP enabled rotate the C axis 90 degrees, then disable TCP and touch off again, repeat until the axis is at 0 degrees again and then turn the B axis 90 degrees in both directions to be able to accurately probe the center of rotation. (thats how i do it at work on the hermle)
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