component compile problem

01 May 2018 12:41 #109903 by Skidloaders1
Good day all

Looks like my problems are far from over

adding to hal file and loading linuxcnc
loadrt carousel pockets=4 ==> no problem

as soon as I add
addf carousel servo-thread ==> file not found

Checked that file carousel.ko is where it is supposed to be -- yes it's there with its mates
note: I did not compile within the proper linuxcnc folder at first.
I noticed that the ____.ko are root files and can't be deleted or overwriten???
01 May 2018 13:33 #109905 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic component compile problem
Probably needs to be addf carousel.0
01 May 2018 15:16 #109917 by Skidloaders1
Thanx again Andy

I will put the 4 pound back in the toolbox ( lol ).

01 May 2018 15:52 #109920 by PCW
Replied by PCW on topic component compile problem
If you are unclear about function (or pin or parameter) names you can always load the comp and "show" the function(s) (or pins or parameters) that the comp exports
for example:

halcmd loadrt carousel
halcmd show function
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07 May 2018 18:05 #110333 by Skidloaders1
Good day All
more questions

MDI => T2 M6 activates iocontrol.0.tool-prepare + carousel.0.strobe

1)The carousel component sees the 4x proximity sensors. but does not register them in the carousel.0.pocket-number
2) Do we need a additional program to turn the turret twice : say T2 => T4
3) We probably need some sort of a delay between the hydraulic push- pull action that turn the turret.
no idea how to implement this

07 May 2018 18:14 #110335 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic component compile problem
It sounds like carousel.0.strobe might be connected to the wrong thing if it toggles with M6 rather than with the carousel turning.

I am suspicious that and carousel.0.enable are showing false. Perhaps you have forgotten to addf carousel.0 to a thread? What is carousel.0.enable linked to?
09 May 2018 16:01 #110438 by Skidloaders1
Good day Andy

The carousel.0.strobe is always on , even before activating ( F2) linuxcnc
I even deleted the sense pin carousel.0.sense-0 , makes no difference.

extract from hal file below: the iocontrol is still a bit of a mess,i'm still learning

######### turret control ###############

loadrt carousel pockets=4 encoding=single num_sense=4 dir=1
addf carousel.0 servo-thread

# turn
setp hm2_5i22.0.gpio.091.is_output true
setp hm2_5i22.0.gpio.091.invert_output true
net turn-turret => hm2_5i22.0.gpio.091.out

# lock
setp hm2_5i22.0.gpio.092.is_output true
setp hm2_5i22.0.gpio.092.invert_output true
net lock => hm2_5i22.0.gpio.092.out

# hydraulic pump
setp hm2_5i22.0.gpio.094.is_output true
setp hm2_5i22.0.gpio.094.invert_output true
net pump => hm2_5i22.0.gpio.094.out

# proximity sensors input
net pos1 <= hm2_5i22.0.gpio.083.in_not => carousel.0.sense-0
net pos2 <= hm2_5i22.0.gpio.080.in_not => carousel.0.sense-1
net pos3 <= hm2_5i22.0.gpio.081.in_not => carousel.0.sense-2
net pos4 <= hm2_5i22.0.gpio.082.in_not => carousel.0.sense-3

##### toolchange signals for custom tool changer #####

net tool-number <= iocontrol.0.tool-prep-number
net tool-change-request <= iocontrol.0.tool-change => carousel.0.enable
net tool-change-confirmed => iocontrol.0.tool-changed => carousel.0.ready
net current-tool-number <= iocontrol.0.tool-number <= carousel.0.pocket-number
net enable-turret <= iocontrol.0.tool-prepare #=>

regards Wilfried
09 May 2018 17:44 #110442 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic component compile problem
strobe = 1 is to be expected if it is not connected and you don't have a strobe pin from the tool changer.
(So that's OK)

Is iocontrol.0.tool-prepare changing state? That is typically activated by the T-command and is the enable input in your case.

Is the underlying code.

I think that you need "binary" rather than "single" for your machine. 4 sense pins and a single index makes no sense.
10 May 2018 17:45 #110529 by Skidloaders1
Quick question
Changed carousel hal to binary

I now get tool position sequence of 1 - 2 - 4 - 8 instead of 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

is this right?
10 May 2018 18:19 #110532 by andypugh
Replied by andypugh on topic component compile problem
What is the actual encoding scheme? How many position do you have?
Possibly you have a one-sensor-per-pocket scheme that I have not been aware of previously.
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