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07 Feb 2021 16:46 #197930 by The Feral Engineer

That sounds like the system isn't receiving keyup events, for some reason.

Keyboard jogging should only go as far as the axis limits, but that is not much of a safety net if you are jogging Z down.

FWIW I don't trust USB / GUI for jogging any of my machines. It's much more dependable to jog via HAL pins, for example with an MPG.
I have never seen the problems you have, but I am aware of the possibility.

I'm in the same boat as you, I prefer true tactile feedback and already have a project box that I'm going to be building an operator panel from for this machine. I actually wouldn't mind just removing the software jogs and cycle buttons entirely for this build. Maybe I'll have to work on my own gui :lol:

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25 Mar 2021 10:29 #203601 by tjtr33
Replied by tjtr33 on topic Raspberry Pi 4
I have posted the src file for a new hal_pi_gpio that has
inputs, inverted input
outputs, inverted outptus reset outputs ( allowing double step for rpi opi bpi )

this forum is hard to follow so i have not ( this morning ) found where i posted it .
so, here it is again
the 'easy' way to build it
is to do it in a RIP
cd yourRIPdir
. scripts/rip-environment
( yes thats DOT SPACE before the 's' )

find your old hal_pi_gpio.c file
remove it from 'that place'
store it away for safety
then put my new hal_pi_gpio.c file in 'that place'
then 'touch' it to isure it's 'new' and will be compiled
touch hal_pi_gpio.c
go back down to the src dir
sudo make modules

its only a few seconds to finsih

now use it
in a hal file
loadrt hal_pi_gpio pi_pins=\

that makes pin 3 an ouput with initial value 0 and is resetable
and make pin 5 and output with initial value 1 and not resetable.
and makes pin 11 and input with and additional inverted pin ( th x is just a place holder for nice columns of print )

read the code to see more
some of the pin 'features' are enabled with these {...} sets
so the feature still needs to be turned on
loadrt hal_pi_gpio pi_pins={40,>,1,Y}
will creare a resettable pin
BUT you need to say
setp hal_pi_gpip.pin-40-out-reset 1
to turn on the feature

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25 Jun 2021 00:31 #212860 by qiwating
Replied by qiwating on topic Raspberry Pi 4
thank you very much for the information above, it really helpful for us

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