New Plasma - stepper or servo for Z

16 May 2019 20:39 #134004 by rodw

AgentWD40 wrote: Rod, do you have a link to Islander's ohmic sensing circuit?

There has been a discussion today on my build thread about this.

Somebody mentioned John's config is on page 32 of that thread.

Bevins, you should be fine with your machine. The larger Hypertherms use high frequency starts and prone to RFI faults on the Ohmic sensing which is something my neighbour has been battling for 6 months since he bought a new commercial table... I see you found the discussion overnight on my build thread. Just get a small USFF PC and mount it on the VESA mount on the monitor itself. This works so well, I've also done this to a wall mounted monitor at my packing bench for ecommerce.

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