Basic configuration for a chinese 6040 cnc router please

04 Dec 2018 02:22 #121793 by gzcwnk

I am looking for a guide to connect a chinese 6040 cnc up.

06 Dec 2018 17:24 #121965 by andypugh
Do you intend to control it via the parallel port?

If it is one of the ones with a USB interface then it is possible to control it with LinuxCNC, but a lot of work to gut the controller. In that case I would say it is easier to run with the supplied pirated version of mach3.
06 Dec 2018 18:04 #121977 by gzcwnk
No, I specifically spec'd the parallel port version specifically to run linuxcnc. I have a i7 Dell1500 to which I added PCI parallel port and have 2.7 installed. The CNC is in transit, maybe today or more like Monday or Tuesday. I will probably boot the pirated mach3 just to try it so the Dell is dual boot but I dont like using pirated stuff and I use linux for a living anyway. The initial setup is just a bit daunting.
06 Dec 2018 18:12 #121978 by andypugh
Stepconf should make it fairly easy, all you really need to know is which stepper driver is on each pin.
06 Dec 2018 18:12 #121979 by gzcwnk
Probably going to gut the control box anyway eventually and put in good electronics, just starting with what I could afford. I have 4 stepper controllers from the USA as kits that are supposed to be very good. I just need to assemble them so the last stage is to find a linuxcnc friendly breakout board. Then replace the X rails and maybe Y as I go along. HGR20 rails and HGW20 boggies look the biz.
11 Dec 2018 07:10 - 11 Dec 2018 08:42 #122182 by gzcwnk
Ok so I have it setup in terms of hardware. parallel port is on 14f2:0121. The spindle turns via its controller but despite running setpconf I have no movement.

The controller is a 3/4axis jb3163 type Ive tried two configs.

2=x step
4= y step
5 = y dir
6 = z step
7 = z dir

No movement.

The other way is I can import a mach.ini? if anyone has the same hardware?

Ok Ive got a little further, I re-did the stepconf but didnt change a single thing and now when I go to test the axis I can here a small "thunk" from X and y steppers. Not for Z, that sounds like a relay is closing when I try and move. Hmmm so my noob opinion is I think the parallel card is detected OK and it sounds like something is happening so its down to I have the wrong pinouts?


Have case off, I have one lit red LED next to the parallel port and 8 green LEDs. first 6 = lit right to left X-pu, X-dr, Y-pu, y-dr z-pu, z-dr these are lit Green 7 is unknown and unit. When I toggle the em stop in Linux cnc green led 8 toggles also.

I can toggle the X and Y dr leds Ok while in test the axis. Hmm something needs enabling? something inverting?
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11 Dec 2018 08:50 #122187 by pl7i92
there might be a Estop chain Hint
check the full pinout as input is connected
11 Dec 2018 09:07 #122189 by gzcwnk
pin1 = estop
pin2 = X step
pin 3 = X dir
pin 4 = Y step
pin 5 = Y direction
pin 6 = Z step
pin 7 = Z dir

pin 14 = Amplifier enable

At this point I think I'll go to bed.....a little progress anyway!
11 Dec 2018 10:45 #122201 by andypugh
Is there any documentation with the machine? It seems odd that they expect you to work it out entirely for yourself.
11 Dec 2018 19:36 - 11 Dec 2018 19:38 #122227 by gzcwnk
Hi, I have been promised it, repeatedly. I asked before I bought and was told yes we'll send it, so far, despite re-asking, no They will get a crap review on service.

3/4axis jb3163 type is a clont of a chinese? clone? pics Ive seen of the "real" chinese clone list the above and a board revision, this clone is blank.

Anyway with movement the worst job is solved, now its calibration. Though it has no homing switches so these I have to fit and configure.

Where is the best point to put homing switches? lower front left? Z at lowest movement point I assume?
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