Basic configuration for a chinese 6040 cnc router please

04 Dec 2018 02:22 #121793 by gzcwnk

I am looking for a guide to connect a chinese 6040 cnc up.

06 Dec 2018 17:24 #121965 by andypugh
Do you intend to control it via the parallel port?

If it is one of the ones with a USB interface then it is possible to control it with LinuxCNC, but a lot of work to gut the controller. In that case I would say it is easier to run with the supplied pirated version of mach3.
06 Dec 2018 18:04 #121977 by gzcwnk
No, I specifically spec'd the parallel port version specifically to run linuxcnc. I have a i7 Dell1500 to which I added PCI parallel port and have 2.7 installed. The CNC is in transit, maybe today or more like Monday or Tuesday. I will probably boot the pirated mach3 just to try it so the Dell is dual boot but I dont like using pirated stuff and I use linux for a living anyway. The initial setup is just a bit daunting.
06 Dec 2018 18:12 #121978 by andypugh
Stepconf should make it fairly easy, all you really need to know is which stepper driver is on each pin.
06 Dec 2018 18:12 #121979 by gzcwnk
Probably going to gut the control box anyway eventually and put in good electronics, just starting with what I could afford. I have 4 stepper controllers from the USA as kits that are supposed to be very good. I just need to assemble them so the last stage is to find a linuxcnc friendly breakout board. Then replace the X rails and maybe Y as I go along. HGR20 rails and HGW20 boggies look the biz.
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