Successful stepconf user buys Mesa5i25 wants to use experience in pncconf. How??

13 Feb 2019 22:26 #126403 by andypugh

clunc wrote: Whoa!!! This looks like the Gold Buzzer!
I never even thought a firmware already customized for the JP-3153B might exist, so never looked!.

I suspect that it didn't exist until PCW made it for you just then :-)

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17 Feb 2019 20:23 #126689 by clunc

Thank you for pointing that out. I was trying to say that although I didn't do due diligence (never occurred to me!) in looking for a BIT file, when I did, finally, think of it--prompted by Peter's gift, I couldn't find one. (I guess I was hoping that I would learn that, far from what kind of a generous character PCW is, that rather, oh, by the way, "there's actually a central location for BIT files for all the weird, one-of, CNC controllers ever brought to market." Of the two, I'm happier to thank Peter for going to the trouble. And I do thank you, Peter; humbled here.)

Now I have to report what I hadn't foreseen: I've been waved off of using a non-Tormach firmware in the 5i25, and also off of editing "stock Tormach INI and HAL files," but ordered instead to "effect all" by rewiring the non-Tormach CNC, "to respond like a Tormach machine."

I am deep enough into the project to realize that that's bollocks, as the great bard once put it. In fact, to prove it, I made some "trivial" changes to the Tormach HAL (choosing inverted forms of pins) to get limit switches working that would have cost a lot more time in "rewiring." It's nonsense to hold that ALL ARBITRARILY DESIGNED NON-TORMACH MACHINES, NO MATTER THE TECHNOLOGY THEY ADOPT, CAN BE 'REWIRED' TO EMULATE A TORMACH MACHINE.

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