Tandum Axis Shared Home/Limit Switches

21 May 2020 03:39 #168463 by keyboard
Thanks rodw, thats exactly what one can do with values in the HOME_OFFSET line.
In my setup Joints 1 & 3 each has a proximity set as Shared Home/Limit switches. While jogging or homing the two joints, only always move in lockstep. The only time, they break step, is when the joint that hits the LS last only during homing . For this I set up both switches to come on as closely as possible. And whatever little racking/ correction for squareness adjust in HOME_OFFSET.

So to sum it up, when I hit the Y axis home button, both joints move at HOME_SEARCH velocity, the first joint to hit its switch stops, while the second keeps moving untill it hits its own switch , the moment the switch is hit, the joints Lockstep and move to HOME_POSITION off the limit switches ie, to a value set in HOME_OFFSET and stop.The switches now act as regular OT limit switches. I'm using the below first method as laid out in Docs/Homing configuration. The overshoot shown in the drawing is exaggerated, but does exist in the slightest way on smaller machines, maybe larger on heavier machines and can be minimized with a slower velocity.

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