Torch Breakaway and Torch Pulse

16 Jul 2020 12:00 #174833 by snowgoer540

But if I press ohmic test, and it shows the ohmic is tripped, and then press pulse torch, it isnt going to pulse like I need it to to clear the water because the ohmic is tripped...

Ohmic shouldn't be tripped unless ohmic-enable is true which is when probing or ohmic testing

Oh, yes, you are right! I'm now 80% through my 2nd cup of coffee. The rest of the cylinders are starting to come alive. My apologies. I think we are good to leave ohmic in. But since you know I love testing things, I'll dunk my torch in water and give it a go tonight.

Maybe I should wait until at least 8a (EST) to do my foruming :laugh:

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16 Jul 2020 12:02 #174834 by snowgoer540

No, which I think is a shame and makes it confusing.

Yes, it does, but knowing that order doesnt matter helps me wrap my head around it. Now I just need a way to keep straight which are pins, which are signals, which is in and which is out. But really I guess in and out dont matter so long as the two are connected.

If the first creation of a signal forced using:
net  signal_name  from_out_pin  to_in_pin
then I think there would be no confusion, all subsequent uses of that signal would always be:
net signal_name  to_in_pin

That would make sense, and it would always make clear where the ins and outs are.

On the bright side, overall this helps my understanding. It's the unwritten things that people just seem to know that take the longest to gather with the linuxcnc stuff.

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