ESAB Ultrarex UXD-P 2500 retrofit with Linuxcnc and Proma THC

28 Jul 2018 06:43 #115002 by tommylight
This is the ESAB Ultrarex UXD-P2500 retrofitted with Linuxcnc and Proma THC, using Mesa 6i25/7i77 as usual, added a stepper drive and motor to the Z axis wired to parallel port.
X axis has 2 servo motors, Y axis has 1 servo motor and Z axis uses a stepper motor attached with a coupler to the existing DC motor to avoid making fittings and holders and gears etc.
Took about 4 full days to finish, but lasted a bit longer due to waiting for the Proma Elektronika THC.
It uses the attached Linuxcnc config.
Fully automated and much more easier to use. Draw in Inkscape, export directly to gcode and open in Linuxcnc, press start, that is it, nothing more so no remaps, not subroutines, no touch off, nothing, everything is implemented in Linuxcnc HAL.
Usually takes about 2 days for anyone to be able to fully use the machine, from drawing to final products.

Pictures attached, it is quite big and it has more rails to be extended even further.

Control panel left as is with a new monitor and computer, Mesa boards, stepper drive and Proma THC mounted inside.

Here is a youtube video of it in action, was dark so not very good.

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24 Aug 2018 16:51 #116554 by tommylight
Had an issue with it, one side of the gantry would miss the position and halt throwing following errors. After some investigation turned out the slotted disk on the encoder had developed a bit of rust !
New encoder and moved on. Works 12 hours a day every day without a hitch.
24 Aug 2018 17:25 #116555 by BigJohnT
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15 Dec 2018 22:18 #122457 by snugglylovemuffin
That's amazing! Retrofitting old machines looks like good business
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