Touch panel question

04 Apr 2018 10:31 #108366 by tecno
tecno created the topic: Touch panel question
4 wire Resistive touch panel with EETI Controller 5V USB Interface They say it works for Linux.

Does anybody have any experience of above touch panel add-on that works with 2.7.11/12 ?

This might be at better solution than trying to find a complete LCD Touch screen to a resonable price.
04 Apr 2018 20:01 #108401 by Mike_Eitel
Mike_Eitel replied the topic: Touch panel question
That is what i did with my 15" successfully for my now just in work machine. I'm happy, also it took a while to get it adjusted in stretch... See here in the firum my postings.

Probably it is not that controller and not what i bought some years agoo. But i have several small touchscreens for pi and bbb. All use similar 4 wires to usb minicontrollers. And all work.
04 Apr 2018 20:03 #108402 by tecno
tecno replied the topic: Touch panel question
Found another type all built in a frame, will get prices tomorrow. Need one 15" and 19" wide.
16 Apr 2018 09:40 #109118 by tecno
tecno replied the topic: Touch panel question
Ordered one 15" for my lathe screen and one 17" to my screen on the milling machine.

102 USD + import duty and VAT and a long wait to get here from China and another long haul to pass Swedish KAOS POST-OFFICE so if I am lucky I will have the shipment mid June or so.
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