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OT-CNC wrote: How about scaling the encoder? Is there anything I need to be aware of in using the scale component for this application, scaling index?

You would need to scale the input to motion.spindle-revs. That should be all that is needed.
You can do this with a scale component fed from a mux2 component switched by gear position.
Or, possibly, by using a mux2 to set the encoder.scale to two different numbers.
It might be possible to use gearchange rather than mux2 for this, I don't know if that would be advantageous.

You can't scale the index. It isn't worth trying.

Andy, there isn't currently a peck tap cycle correct? You just repeat the 33.1 code with different z depths?

Yes, that is correct.

does G64 path blending not affect rigid tapping?

Not as far as I know.
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When U use a encoder plus a comp element and use as input your real encoder index signal than you should be able to uses encoder.index-enable as simulated/divided index puls...
The Idea ist similar to TTL using counter with Reset as a divided..
Or easier do it in a small comp.
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