XHC-HB04 wireless MPG pendant HAL module

08 Jan 2017 11:18 #85463 by timmert
Trying to get the pendant (5m usb cable) to work. I got it working some time ago but somehow I'm unable to get it working again...

What I did

used the files from the sample config and copied them to my config

I copied 'xhc-hb04.tcl' to my config folder

Edited my .ini file:

HALFILE = xhc-hb04.tcl

layout = 2
coords = x y z
coefs = 1 1 1 1
scales = 1 -1 1 1
jogmode = normal
sequence = 1
require_pendant = no
inch_or_mm = mm
mpg_accels = 50 50 500 600

When I start it now it complains it's missing the buttons stanza...makes sense. But the first step works.

And beneath I added (copy from the xhc-hb04-layout2.ini)

# use button names according to layout file LIB:xhc-hb04-layout{n}.cfg
# note: "start-pause" is connected for standard behavior
# controlling halui.pause/halui.resume/halui.run
# these are examples, edit as required:

goto-zero = halui.mdi-command-00
# synthesized per-axis buttons for goto-zero button:
goto-zero-x = ""
goto-zero-y = ""
goto-zero-z = ""
goto-zero-a = ""

start-pause = std_start_pause
rewind = halui.program.step
# probe-input for simulating a probe:
probe-z = motion.probe-input
macro-3 = halui.mdi-command-03

half = halui.spindle.stop
# synthesized per-axis buttons for half button:
half-x = ""
half-y = ""
half-z = ""
half-a = ""

zero = ""
# synthesized per-axis buttons for zero button:
zero-x = halui.mdi-command-12
zero-y = halui.mdi-command-13
zero-z = halui.mdi-command-14
zero-a = halui.mdi-command-15

safe-z = halui.mdi-command-10
# in this sim, home-all only works first time, hold down till finished:
home = halui.home-all
macro-1 = halui.mdi-command-01
macro-2 = halui.mdi-command-02
spindle = halui.spindle.start
step = xhc-hb04.stepsize-up
mode = ""
macro-6 = halui.mdi-command-06
macro-7 = halui.mdi-command-07
stop = halui.program.stop
reset = halui.estop.activate

# these are examples, edit as required:
# a halui hal pin is created for each MDI_COMMAND below
# halui.mdi-command-00, halui.mdi-command-01,... etc
MDI_COMMAND=(debug, example: mdi-01)
MDI_COMMAND=(debug, example: mdi-02)
#03 M110: clears notifications
MDI_COMMAND=(debug, example: mdi-04)
MDI_COMMAND=(debug, example: mdi-05)
MDI_COMMAND=(debug, example: mdi-06)
#07 M101: example print to stdout
MDI_COMMAND=(debug, example: mdi-08)
MDI_COMMAND=(debug, example: mdi-09)
MDI_COMMAND=(debug, example: mdi-10)
MDI_COMMAND=(debug, example: mdi-11)
#*** End #INCLUDE file: layout2.inc

I should use layout2 because I have the 17 button pendant.
But when I start LinuxCNC it says: "pin 'halui.spindle.stop' was already linked to signal 'spindle-manual-stop' "

And I have no clue what to change
Any ideas?

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08 Jan 2017 13:28 #85466 by rodw
5.0m is the maximum limit for a USB cable under the USB specs. You need the highest quality cable to get that far otherwise you need to add a USB hub. Not many cables will make the grade.

Says he who found out the hard way after cutting the end of a 5.0m long USB cable to get it through a vehicle firewall only to find it would not work. I had to cut it off again, shorten the cable add a hub and resolder it all again!

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08 Jan 2017 14:37 - 08 Jan 2017 16:01 #85467 by timmert
I believe they come original with 5m cable
I know that's the maximum for USB. But so far (knock knock) never had problems with it under Mach3.

I got the pendant working fine with the sample config.
But when I make the config ready for my own. It says the signals are already linked.
It's unclear to me how to get it working now. Not possible to have 2 signals on the same function?


Found it and got it working

The HAL file I received from the supplier contained already a config for a pendant (but not for the pendant I'm using).
When I removed all these settings the pendant is working.


Only thing that's not working is I can't zero Y and Z with the pendant
Zeroing X is working fine
Last edit: 08 Jan 2017 16:01 by timmert.

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11 Jul 2018 23:01 #114036 by Lcvette
I just read this whole thing is there a solid finished revision and instruction anywhere now for this? I have a XHC WHB04-L from a previous Mach3 machine and never thought it may work on my big machine as a pendant, I would love to have it as a way to jog and have some control other than the main control panel, but it seems there is alot of confusion as to whats what from all the reading i just did. any direction would be much appreciated!

I am running a 7i92 with 7i76 and 7i77 using preempt RT stretch and linuxcnc version 2.7.13 at the moment.

Thanks in advance!


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31 Jul 2020 09:37 #176625 by kang2k
I buy pendant XHC-HB04 from alliexpress, but in linuxcnc not correct working.
Linuxcnc v 2.7.15
in sim, write "connection lost"
And so every few minutes

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