AASD chinese ac servo's step/dir Oscilations

27 Dec 2021 18:38 #230075 by rodw
If its ethercat, they are likely to be a cia402 compatible drive.
Here is my config for such a drive
The instructions to get going are complete in this text file
Based on my playing with an ECT86 drive, I would guess they have an auto tuning mode where they query the attached drive and set everything up 
You should be able to download an ethercat program that queries the drive.
Hakan has shared a config and video of setting up a ECT60 drive on a Pi.

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27 Dec 2021 20:52 #230087 by DEVILHUNTER
Woah rodw, thank you so much! This information will be pretty usefull. Will probably try on the lathe conversion I want to do. In fact got the same motors already installed on it two years ago but didn't had time to start wiring the electronics...

Well, I'm not really sure but think I have solved my issue. One thing for sure is that forgot to perform the function Fn001 to write everything on the EPROM, but since the parameters were there after the power up I thought it was not necesary. Also checked in the driver about the parameters that were inconsistent in the manual. Pn267 goes up to 320 and Pn268 up to 300, so seems that the page 65 of the manual is the one is right.

So I messed with all the parameters again and inserted the ones that were working great yesterday, after that performed the function Fn001 to save the EPROM. Play a little bit jogging with the driver with the function Fn002 and suddenly it started working great again (by the way the servo must not be enabled to do the jogging). Did similar with the other servos and got them working too, although some times it needed serveral tries. It's weird because it need the jog, not only the saving the parameters in the EPROM to work properly. Will see tomorrow if they are still working...

One of the motors still have some small oscillation in steady state, around 0.01mm. At first I thought it was because that double ballscrew has around that ammount of backlash, but after disconnecting it the oscillations keep going on. Will try the ways to prevent that jitter on the manual tomorrow.

As a way to actually see the real following error with this parameters and get even better tunning, I plan to connect the driver encoder output to the MESA encoder input and use the LinuxCNC scope.
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04 Mar 2022 18:59 #236368 by Navanod
Hows it going with these drives now? Im thinking to use one of the A1-SVD15's for a lathe spindle. If you have a copy of the manual I would love to get a copy.

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23 Jun 2022 12:00 #245671 by stefan63
Hi! Does anyone have the user manual for A1-SVD15 to share?
And did you have any success with using those servo drivers with L-CNC?

Kind regards/Stefan

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