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21 Feb 2017 19:24 #88451 by FernV

grijalvap wrote: ...changes I did were: add M66 to wait for the Arc-Ok signal at the lead_in.ngc

tommylight wrote : "Forgot to add that there is no need for M66, as that is easier done with motion.spindle-at-speed, it requires only 2 lines to be added to hal."

however I will add the option in Preferences->Plasma to 'wait for Arc-OK' or not because your edited file will be overwritten every time there is an update but preferences file will never be overwritten

grijalvap wrote: then add M5 to stop plasma at lead-out

M5 is at the end of trace.ngc after lead_out CALL

grijalvap wrote: One more question, I want to add a command to disable the plasma THC, it should happen .25 or .375 inch before the end, actually, it can be done just before starting the lead-out.
the problem is that when I place the M62 M66 Code, it throws the following error

"Cannot set auxiliary digital output with cutter radius compensation on"

does it exist any walk around for this?

I do not understand what you are trying to do. Stop the torch before the cut is complete ?

21 Feb 2017 19:33 #88453 by grijalvap
I want to disable the torch High Control (THC) before the cut end, to avoid the torch going down and crash.
21 Feb 2017 20:18 #88455 by FernV
Could your commands be placed after lead_out ? before M5 ?
There should be a G40 before or after lead_out ?
What command do you need exactly ?

22 Feb 2017 01:14 #88473 by grijalvap
well this is how square program looks

X0.47350 Y1.83262
M3 S1
M66 P0 L3 Q30 (wait for Arc-Ok)
G4 P0.5 (wait piercing time)
G02 X0.68068 Y1.71376 I0.00000 J-0.24000 F60.0 (move the first .25 inch)
M62 P00 (THC ON) (On start)
X0.71350 Y1.59262 I-0.20718 J-0.12115
G01 Y0.50000
G03 X0.75000 Y0.46350 I0.03650 J0.00000
G01 X6.75000
G03 X6.78650 Y0.50000 I0.00000 J0.03650
G01 Y6.50000
G03 X6.75000 Y6.53650 I-0.03650 J0.00000
G01 X0.75000
G03 X0.71350 Y6.50000 I0.00000 J-0.03650
G01 Y1.96762
M63 P00 (THC OFF) (Before end) (disable THC )
G02 X0.55350 Y1.43262 I-0.16000 J-0.00000 (finish cut)
M05 (torch off)
G04 P0.2 (wait small time )
X0.00000 Y0.00000
M05 M30

the main idea is I'm using a digital out to enable and disable THC.
22 Feb 2017 13:38 #88497 by gmouer
I am loving NativeCam. I know it was mentioned that new additions are in the works. I have a request, could 4th rotary axis indexing be added? I am speaking of indexing only, not live 4th axis 3d cutting. I suppose it would need a preference to define if the rotary axis was A, C etc.

Thanks for NativeCam, its working out great on my bridgeport mill.

22 Feb 2017 16:45 #88502 by FernV

gmouer wrote: ... I have a request, could 4th rotary axis indexing be added? I am speaking of indexing only, not live 4th axis 3d cutting.

There is something like this far down on my list, do not expect it before months.

24 Feb 2017 15:29 #88586 by FernV

I am afraid there is no easy or quick work around. Your code does not use compensation which is very powerfull for complex shapes and all computing for this is done by lcnc.

Rewriting/testing all *_create.ngc for every situations would take from 50 to 200 hours or more.
How other users are doing ?

11 Mar 2017 02:21 #89393 by roboylabs
When I run NativeCAM, I get this error message.Pls help.
11 Mar 2017 16:11 #89422 by FernV

roboylabs wrote: When I run NativeCAM, I get this error message.Pls help.

This happens when select.ngc was not copied yet because you took too long to confirm you want the files copied to the disk.

Just restart.

26 Mar 2017 16:43 - 26 Mar 2017 16:47 #90297 by gmouer
Hello Fern,

I have been using NativeCam a lot these days and it is working out great for me with one exception and that is related to the Z depths in drill operations.

For example, I often use a drill cycle with a reamer. There is no option for a flat end drill or reamer. Using any other point option such as 118deg or 135 deg results in undesired and surprise Z depths of cut. If a option for flat bottom drills / reamers were added it would allow for these sort of operations with expected Z depths.

Another issue I have is spot drilling. Again, NativeCam must be using drill point angles and diameters to adjust Z depths. For example, with the spot drill set to .0001" in preferences, and a requested depth of .001 in the single hole routine, the Z actually goes to -.074 !! ( Z zero is set at top of stock) If spot drilling for a tiny number drill this produces a very bad surprise. I believe this is again because NativeCam calculates Z travel using drill dia, point angle and diameter and such along with the operators requested depth. I believe the same option of a flat bottom drill/reamer in the choices would allow the operator to reference off the drill point which would work nicely to get around this problem.

Any chance of adding a reamer/flat bottom option to the drill point angle selections? Or maybe you have a suggestion to work around these issues.

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