CamView for Wheesy and Jessie

14 Sep 2017 01:31 #98928 by Gene1934
Gene1934 replied the topic: CamView for Wheezy and Jessie Revisited
Dropping back in quite late, as my isp's mailserver has been constipated since early this morning.

When I was trying to follow along with lchGucksLive this morning, I was fighting with a machine that needed rebooting, but was giving me zero hints.

To summerize, uptodate wheezy, linuxcnc-2.8-pre using axis, and after a powerdown reboot, qv4l2 can find and display the camera just fine now. The original link to the program kit is dead, but I have collected what I believe to be a 1 or 2x updated version of it, but I'd like to confirm that I do indeed have the most recently updated stuffs.

So if an uptodate list of these files needed exists, I'd be most gratefull.

I'll be out of pocket the next 2 days, tomorrow they use a backhoe in my mouth to get the remains of a molar we root canal'd 30 years ago out, and the next day I'm trading vehicles. But should be able to do whatever Saturday, on my side of the pond. :)

Thank you all.

Cheers, Gene1934
29 Sep 2017 23:10 #99650 by newbynobi
newbynobi replied the topic: CamView for Wheezy and Jessie Revisited

I am not on my development computer, so I can not check what files are the latest.
Please note also, that CamView was only a proof of concept!

30 Sep 2017 00:57 #99654 by Gene1934
Gene1934 replied the topic: CamView for Wheezy and Jessie Revisited
Its mostly working, until I grab the lcnc window and make it bigger. The camera disappears about the time the control buttons below the backplot window start to come into view. But it survives a full screen click. Go figure...The with the stuff that makes it useful is a mess, and as I have time I'm working on that. First button is now an alternate action, so I'll nuke the second one in due time, but the camstore I will make work only when its at the camera position, just to reduce the confusion. The last 2 I think can work in either mode. But I've been busy on house maintenance and haven't played with it in 4 days or so.

So that's where I am with it. Sty tuned, or blow the horn and pass. :)

Take care Norbert.

Cheers, Gene1934
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