Postprozessor Fusion 360 PlasmaC

20 Oct 2021 18:32 #223698 by MaikTheBike
Thanks for your replies.

I made the changes and the plasma-punching workes very nicely.
Maybe the postprocessor for Fusion 360 needs to be changed a little bit to add the "$2"-part to the code ?

Now I would like to add gantry-homing to the machine to get sqare cuts. The machine has 2 stepper-Motors on the Y-Axis.

The machine-config I created didn't use homing at all, when I converted it to plasmaC. Is it possible to add gantry-homing to the existing machine or do I have to create a completely new machine-configuration ?

Will my configuration be overwritten when I try to use pnconf to add homing to the machine ?

Thanks a lot,

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20 Oct 2021 21:01 #223704 by tommylight
For me it is easier to edit hal and ini files for everything, but that is not needed in your case, it is easier to do a new config and just plug the values from the old config.
Pretty sure you can open two instances of StepConf or PncConf, so open one for editing the old config (make sure you do NOT save this as it will overwrite any modifications) and one instance for the new one where you can just add the values by looking at the old one.

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