Probe_Basic ATC Tool List

27 Dec 2023 10:33 #289159 by CNC_ANDI
Replied by CNC_ANDI on topic Probe_Basic ATC Tool List

hey andi, how are you doing this with the probe basic internal tool changer?

im trying to get a atc working over last few days too. we have managed to configure the entire machine and built and but we can't get the toolchanger to rotate and home properly although all sensors , outputs and stepgens are working well, but we have problems with the carousel component part.

can you please post your config files so it can help us find a solution?

hi, you can check this thread

what you need for the toolchanger is
- a stepper or other dc motor in velocity mode
- pocketsensor
- homesensor
- geneva mechanism

than you have to edit some ngc files in subroutines (like M21,M22,M10,...)

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