Mazak micro slant 15

25 May 2017 21:57 #93636 by tommylight
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Hand healed pretty damn quicly as i can do almost everything with it by now, still has a fuzzy feeling in some parts of the palm, but all is good, very.
Thank you all.
Mazak and most of the projects are still on a status quo, have to get something else done.
Will update whenever i get back.
12 Jul 2017 23:20 #95743 by johnmc1
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Good Day ,
There is a Mazak micro slant 15 manual on ebay, but it has a Fanuc 6t controller.
Cheers john
21 Jul 2017 05:49 #96207 by tommylight
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John thnx,
I have seen them but they are useless to me. I need drive wirings and hydro/pneu wiring, and even that i can figure out easily, it just takes to much time, and lately i am low on time. It is 7:45 AM here and i have not slept yet.
Anyway, Mesa cards should be ordered by now, have to do a Hurco BMC20P first, maybe a Murata-weider......something that got burnt to crisp, and maybe then Mazak.
26 Jul 2017 12:13 - 26 Jul 2017 12:14 #96460 by andypugh
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Just in case it helps: I helped with some details of the retrofit of a Weiler CNC lathe in Stuttgart last weekend, and made some improvements to the "carousel" HAL component as part of that. It now seems to work very well for some classes of lathe toolchanger. It no longer locks up and becomes useless if passed a tool-number of zero (!), it supports a strobe pin and parity checking and if you ask for tool 10 on an 8-tool changer you get position 2. This is one way to get two tools/offsets in one station of the changer.

I should be pushing the updates tonight.
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28 Oct 2017 19:16 #100949 by Jake
Replied by Jake on topic Mazak micro slant 15

I'm eyeballing a "microslant" right now also. I love that a micro machine is 8000 lbs.
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