Gcode sharing folder ( Debian / Windows 7)

15 May 2018 15:32 #110768 by allenwg2005
Thanks for the ideas Todd.

As time is truly limited, I'll continue to use thew thumb drive.
Dropbox was supposed to be a convenience, sorting all this is anything but convenient.
Perhaps I can find or make time for this in the future.
18 May 2018 21:34 #110852 by andypugh
If you install Samba on the LinuxCNC machines then you can access the whole windows network.

I actually have Inventor running in a VM on my Mac saving the G-code directly to the G-code folder on the Milling machine controller.

Install samba and avahi on the LinuxCNC machine and things get _reasonably_ easy.

(You can install both using the Package manage gui (Synaptic). The trick is knowing the package names to look for.)
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19 May 2018 14:29 #110883 by allenwg2005
This I can do.
Thanks Andy
19 May 2018 17:53 #110893 by allenwg2005
Can anyone help with this issue?
When I tried to install Dropbox via Synaptic it jammed up the program and it is still useless.
I get the following message when starting Synaptic:

E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.
E: _cache->open() failed, please report.

The package wasn't interrupted, it just failed, when I run the command above in a terminal it loads Dropbox to 100% and sits there doing zip.
Dropbox is not installed and Synaptic is still useless, is there a way to fix this short of reinstalling LCNC?
19 May 2018 22:38 - 19 May 2018 22:42 #110906 by AnnoyingMutt

This may prove helpful, tho not thru a gui, but it is a step by step guide


If you are running a 32 bit version use this command to download
cd ~ && wget -O - " www.dropbox.com/download?plat=lnx.x86 " | tar xzf -

Personally I think dropbox is not quite the right tool for this job, unless of course all your CAM & CAD is being done on another site. I'd run a latency test whilst dropbox is running in the background to see if it has any affect. I have notice that turning off unneeded services (background programs) can result in a slight improvement in latencies.
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19 May 2018 23:17 #110908 by allenwg2005
This is an interesting option, I have been wondering if Dropbox is not working (installing) for good reason (or intensionally). You make a good argument for other Network Sharing methods, can or will Dropbox create latency issues.
I think Andy's suggestion may make the most sense given some of the unknowns.

Thanks for the links.
19 May 2018 23:29 #110910 by AnnoyingMutt
Earlier in this thread I posted some info about setting up a samba share, an example I pulled from my server.

Another option maybe if your router has file sharing options to harness that. Some have USB ports where you can insert a flash drive or HDD and use that to share files. Usually it's just a "point & click" exercise.

21 May 2018 00:12 #110939 by allenwg2005
I'm almost there, I have Windows set-up to share the folder I want, I have samba installed and the Network folder in my file manager, I can see the Windows folders, but it tells me it can't mount the folder in the "Shared folder" I made.
Can someone help me with this last thing please?

21 May 2018 03:09 #110943 by AnnoyingMutt
As a rough guess I'd say that is more than likely a permission issue, I made an assumption that you are using windows 7, 8 0r 10. I haven't done much sharing of windows folders to linux since XP so please forgive me if I'm sending you up the wrong tree.

If that is the case maybe this link will help


Sharing from linux to windows is easy, but windows to linux can be a pain.
25 May 2018 19:45 #111126 by allenwg2005
That was the set of instruction I used to get as far as I did. LOL

Everything looks like it should work in Windows (not that helps), any other suggestions?
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