TCP 5-axis kinematics

17 Jul 2022 14:09 #247565 by jjdege
Replied by jjdege on topic TCP 5-axis kinematics
Hi andypugh
Thank you for your reply and sorry for the delay, I have dedicated some time to solving the problem.
I state that I have an EtherCAT controller, the EpoCAT FR1000, and the problem was that the C axis followed the other axes and did not move simultaneously, so the machining was deformed, I set the PID appropriately and the axis C moves simultaneously and now it works!
I insert the link of the video I made.
thanks to plopes 9000

hello everyone from Italy and thanks for the precious support
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03 Aug 2022 23:57 #248989 by sliptonic
Replied by sliptonic on topic TCP 5-axis kinematics

Here's my update regarding the 5 axis.

Just before I went on vacation and since I arrived back, I have been working on a complete workflow for 5 axis.

With TCP but without an easy to use 3+2 setup its still a pain to rough out before the TCP operation.

Enter Dynamic Work Offsets - see Haas DWO G254 - link .


I've configured my rotary table with XYZAC-TRT switchkins.  I'm able to switch to the TCP mode and it seems to work as advertised.  Very cool!
I'm also playing with the DWO configuration that plopes9000  did (back on page 16 of this monster thread).  I have it working, mostly.  If I jog the A axis and do the G55.4 command, the next move is exactly where I would expect it.  But if I jog the C axis, the next move is clearly wrong.  I suspect that the math in dwo_on.ngc is being calculated with reversed direction of rotation. 
Can anyone else confirm this?  Is there an updated dwo_on.ngc that I missed? 

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