1982 Matsuura MC-500v Retrofit

26 Nov 2023 20:00 #286576 by phasefreq
Hey @chopper79 thanks for the info, I am currently converting my Acromax MX16 which appears to be just a 4 axis Matsuura 500v, save a couple differences. 

Did you happen to post your config somewhere? I would love to see the tool change logic. 

Did you end up digging into the spindle resolver at all? I am toying with making an interface for it to spit out quadrature steps to my mesa board, but I’m open to simpler suggestions.

Last two I can’t confirm from the machine I’m ripping apart-
​​​​​​— is the spindle fan supposed to be on full whenever spindle is turning, or do you vary the speed of yours?
— is the way oiler supposed to be engaged / running whenever the machine is on, or do you periodically engage it?



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26 Nov 2023 20:03 #286577 by phasefreq
Oh, one more- is there a switch or hall sensor or something to tell when the spindle lock pin has found it’s spot and the spindle has stopped, or do you just open the spindle lock pin valve and tell the vfd to rotate slowly until it stalls?

I am using a Huanyang vfd fwiw, primarily because the rs485 modbus impl in linuxcnc works so well, but open to suggestions for a “proper” vector drive. 7.5kw induction spindle up to 200hz.  

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