Manncorp ECM93 Pick and Place

21 Mar 2022 22:51 - 21 Mar 2022 22:56 #237971 by my1987toyota
Just a brief update .
 I have been carving out bits and pieces of time to keep working on the PnP. the main take away is when you change alot of stuff
expect alot of problems to creep in. I switched over to a 7i76e from the original 6i25 / 7i76 setup, then switched computers
the old Lenovo is no longer being used . Now I am using a Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF . Apparently the original homing board I
had built wasn't working properly anymore. Had to make a new one. The temporary wiring on the Z and C axis now has
their permanent connectors, and after chasing down some various file name discrepancies I am up to wiring the MPG back up.
after that is done I have to do some last check and calibrations . Then the fun begins. integrating dm17ry's camera control coding
of which I don't know much about, Yet. LOL. and if all goes well I will be running an actual job on it . Stay tuned. 
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