Work with probe

06 Sep 2017 18:10 #98593 by replied the topic: Work with probe
ok problem solved .. code 13 ...

net probe-in => motion.probe-input
net probe-in <= hm2_5i25.0.7i77.0.0.input-31

I should not do unknown configuration at night ...

Thanks for the good work by the way !
22 Oct 2017 17:20 #100633 by Roguish
Roguish replied the topic: Work with probe
thanks for the screen. really like the concept.
does Probe_screen work with Master branch? I keep getting 'must be in MDI mode.....' error.
if it's not Master branch related, what could the problem be?

08 Nov 2017 10:52 #101517 by Nitram
Nitram replied the topic: Work with probe
I have just started working with a probe. This is such a great addition, it is very impressive!
One thing I have noticed, is that if a probe routine fails mid cycle for whatever reason, usually because the probe didn't reach the edge of the part, a modal G91 remains. Thus when the necessary numerical changes are made and the probe routine is run gain, there is a very real risk of the Z (now in incremental mode) moving into the work-piece and crashing.
After a situation like this, when the probe has stopped movement mid cycle for whatever reason, it has always been necessary for me to go back to the MDI page and re-insert a G90 so that the routine will not inadvertently crash into the part in Z. At least that is the way it works in in gmoccapy.
Does anyone know whether this bug has been resolved? I.e. ideally if the routine stops mid cycle, the last thing the routine does before exiting is to restore the modal state to a G90 to prevent any crashes next time the routine is run??
Many thanks for a great addition to linuxcnc!
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