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11 Oct 2019 04:38 #147684 by thefabricator03
One other thing I want to mention on here is how well the THC works.

After believing all the hype around CandCNC DTHC versions, I had version IV but they release version 5 soon after, I found it hard to believe that THC could be done cheaply but to a high standard. At the time a CandCNC DTHC IV was $500 USD for the card.

It just works, no two ways about it. I had problems with the CandCNC DTHC not working sometimes for no reason. That does not happen with the THCAD and PlasmaC.

I know I am preaching to the converted here but I do find it truly amazing how something so simple just works.

That is the reason I am working on developing LinuxCNC into a controller for my industrial robots. Once the development is done I will be able to cheaply monitor arc voltage while welding to track the positon of the weld seam keeping it on track. I priced the same system for one of my Motoman robots and it was $23,000AUD per robot.

Using LinuxCNC everyday on my plasma has confirmed its reliability if properly developed. I hope to one day have a open source config like Phills PlasmaC for industrial robots.
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11 Oct 2019 08:48 #147686 by tommylight
Thank you, all, for the info.
Due to exogenous circumstances i have not been able to test it on a machine, and i am reluctant to switch to it on client machines for two reasons, one is that the thc_toma config works perfectly and never ever fails so clients are very happy with it, and second it would require them to change the work flow. Also there is the issue of using SheetCam instead of Inkscape to get the full functionality out of PlasmaC.
In the words of Mr.Smith from "the Matrix", it is inevitable !!!
I am preparing parts and ordering stuff for 5 to 6 new plasma machines, from 1.1X0.6M to 6.5X2M with the fourth axis, it is terribly hard to get some parts here, and the worst part is i've spent the better part of last 3 months looking to outsource the metal work to some shops here and none of them are capable of making a straight, plum, correctly aligned metal construction. Lazy bastards !
My shop is to small at 80 sq.M. so it is already full, i can not extend it as soon it is going to be destroyed and new high rises built here, looking to find another place but nothing suitable so far, am completely broke from buying machine parts, have those said parts rusting and collecting dust in the shop, still waiting for some parts at that PET bottle factory, and i hate waiting, etc etc.
Still, i am healthy and so is my family, so frankly i do not give a rats a$$ about all that above, so in a moment of wisdom i am renting another shop thinking of opening a barber shop, of all things, so more running, less sleep, more challenges, more fun ! :)
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