7i96 Configuration Tool

01 Dec 2019 16:20 - 01 Dec 2019 16:25 #151666 by pmconsulting
I can't overstate how valuable the video PCW suggests is!
It finally gave me a clear understanding of how to find, connect, test and then edit the appropriate files. It seems that, no matter how much reading I did in the immense LinuxCNC support documentation, I could never find an overview showing what this clip covers - a reliable process for finding, testing and then implementing customizations. Thanks, PCW & Thanks to samcoinc, who made the video. It's a critical fog buster!

Before this, I would copy & paste chunks of my files into questions posted to this forum. I would always get help tweaking the files and they would work, but I would never actually understand the details. I would just be able to get to the next hurdle. I've been able to get entire machines working this way, but I've never felt confident entirely.

The steps shown in the video will allow me to find all the pins involved, test commands & functions with those pins to verify my syntax & then use those tested lines in the configuration files to accomplish what I'm trying to do. Maybe I sound like the pig that found his first truffle, but I doubt I'm alone.
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