Upgraded to 2.7.13 -- W T F --

07 Jun 2018 17:26 #111903 by tecno

Just updated/upgraded my LCNC and all hell is loose.

Both axis behave badly with shaking motion that I have not seen with 2.7.12

This did pop-up when first starting LCNC = no-go = LCNC hangs = No F1 or F2 works

So WTF is going on with this upgrade?
07 Jun 2018 17:47 #111906 by PCW
Replied by PCW on topic Upgraded to 2.7.13 -- W T F --
sounds like you accidentally "upgraded" your OS also
what does
uname -a
07 Jun 2018 17:49 #111909 by tecno
Will get back on this asap.

First update then dist-upgrade, is that wrong way to do it?
07 Jun 2018 18:05 #111914 by tecno

07 Jun 2018 18:07 #111915 by tecno
Mill appears to work as usual, just tested some axis movement + spindle and homing.
07 Jun 2018 18:16 #111917 by tecno
07 Jun 2018 18:34 #111918 by PCW
Replied by PCW on topic Upgraded to 2.7.13 -- W T F --
OK so that's the correct kernel so maybe the LinuxCNC is not the uspace version (so its running in non-realtime=simulation mode)
07 Jun 2018 18:41 #111920 by tecno
Hmmm, just started my normal INI = CNC3000.ini

But unsure as normally I do not have any text in the right panel ( as I recall ) and now there is a lot of text with LatheMacros etc...
Will have to investigate more tomorrow.

Will be without LAN some days as I have to return faulty product for replacement.

So there is nothing I need to do via LAN just now then?
07 Jun 2018 18:50 #111921 by PCW
Replied by PCW on topic Upgraded to 2.7.13 -- W T F --
What does linuxcnc print when you start it?
(the first few lines)
07 Jun 2018 19:24 #111924 by tecno
Report tomorrow, it is close to bedtime here ;)
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