Rods "Spaceship" Scratch built Plasma Cutter build

17 May 2019 13:38 #134048 by docwelch
Yes, I've already found that connection sheet and referred to it numerous times. I'm getting close to having enough time to actually start collecting parts and building the machine. Right now, I'm just trying to put it all on paper/CAD and wrap my head around how LinuxCNC works. Certainly, Phil's plasmac component is going to make this a lot simpler and more robust. I've also got the benefit of you, Grotius, and John as well as others who are very knowledgeable and incredibly patient and helpful on this forum. Thanks for all the input you have already provided!

I did look at the Ethercat information. While I'm sure it offers some advantages, I cannot see any reason I would need more than what the 7i76e offers for my hobby purposes.

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