Time to setup my lathe with 7i76e

30 Oct 2017 20:32 #101029 by tecno

everything goes in slow-motion here now as I've been suffering of kidney stones for a couple weeks but hopefully this will be over soon.
06 Nov 2017 11:20 #101409 by tecno
As my SSD went south I will have to do a fresh install, so what to install as I have 7i76e and 32-bit?

Lost the link I used earlier, where are these files?
06 Nov 2017 13:52 #101422 by tecno
Found the link ;)
06 Nov 2017 14:20 #101426 by Todd Zuercher
I think I would start with one of the new experimental live iso images using Stretch. They have Preemt-RT and Linuxcnc pre-installed and are supported on Buildbot.
There are both 32 and 64-bit versions.
(The 2nd thing I would do is change the DE. I despise XFCE.)
06 Nov 2017 16:08 #101432 by tecno
06 Nov 2017 17:44 #101443 by calvin.d
can someone either explain or point me to instructions for changing out the desktop environment ? This is for the new stretch ISO's

sorry to hijack the thread
06 Nov 2017 17:58 #101445 by Todd Zuercher
Which DE do you want to use?
I usually just use Synaptic to install the one I want (such as Mate)
17 Nov 2017 03:35 #101915 by calvin.d
gnome is the standard that I want to get back to

when I use the new ISO it boots into XFCE
17 Nov 2017 13:20 #101928 by Todd Zuercher
You'll need a decent internet connection, then either use Synaptic to install Gnome, or from a command line type "sudo apt-get install gnome". That should get it installed so you can use it, but XFCE will still be set as the default DE, you'll have to chose Gnome when you log in. Then you can either just uninstall XFCE or google up instructions on how to change the default DE.
02 Dec 2017 15:06 #102598 by tecno
Can I have a sanity check on what I am doing here ;)

Step/Dir to be connected. Type 0 on 7i76e
Below how the stepper where setup in Mach

Now how to on 7i76e

Assuming Mach pin 2 (4) and 3 (5) goes to 7i76e 3 and 5
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